As business continues to migrate to the cloud, we become more dependent on the internet. 4G Wireless is a reliable and stable option as a backup or even as a primary connection

  • Our solution is bundled as a complete solution, with a Modem, Router, and 4G SIM card
  • Based on your location, we determine the best carrier with the strongest signal.
  • Our solution is affordable and easy to manage.
  • Connect to your SDWAN, Firewall, or your switch.
  • Instant activation with a static IP or DHCP

Managed 4G/LTE Solutions

Reliable 4G internet access. Starting at $50/month

From remote offices and under-served areas, you can stay connected.

California Telecom can expand your organization’s connectivity options.

Speeds vary between 5Mbps to 50Mbps depending on signal strength.

Great for use with Firewalls or SDWAN appliances.

Backup Internet

CALTEL 4G can be setup as an edge router or in bridged mode to provide a secondary internet connection to sites that require always on connectivity.

Primary Connectivity

Sites that require a high speed cellular device can use CALTEL 4G. With LAN and Wi-Fi built in, the CALTEL 4G solution is easy to deploy.

Kiosk and Popup

Kiosks and popup locations can benefit from CALTEL 4G’s turnkey installation. We preconfigure and ship devices based on your requirements.

Pending Construction

Sites that have pending or delayed wireline construction and deploy CALTEL 4G to instantly provide internet service to your location.

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