Did your Internet go down again?

The cloud has brought many advantages that allow us to access company data from anywhere. This also required businesses to provide their employees with a stable, reliable, fast internet connection. There are too many options to consider when connecting your business to the Internet. California Telecom can help you navigate the different options that best work for your budget and requirements. I have outlined some of these below.

Broadband internet is a high-speed, inexpensive, and “shared” connection. These circuits can be called many names, such as Broadband, FIOS, Business Internet, or Business Fiber. Speeds are from 100M up to 10G and can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. These circuits may be prone to outages and speed issues because it is a shared infrastructure.

Dedicated Internet is any connection that is a private connection to the Internet that is not shared. These circuits are typically more expensive but also are more stable, consistent, and reliable. Because these circuits are dedicated, the carrier will provide an SLA that guarantees service and performance.

Here are some pros and cons for each type of circuit at a glance:

Broadband Internet Pros:

  • Faster Install Interval 5-7 Days
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Fast Speeds up to 10G

Broadband Internet Cons:

  • Shared with other users in the area
  • Maybe asymmetrical, faster download than upload
  • Poor customer service and low technical support ability
  • Lower uptime at 99.5%
  • Rates may increase after the initial term
  • Modem equipment and Static IP are extra
  • Extra charges for wiring, dispatches, and lost equipment

Dedicated Internet Pros:

  • Guaranteed performance metrics (Service Level Agreement)
  • Credits for SLA Violations
  • Dedicated and competent customer service
  • Uptime 99.99% backed by an SLA
  • Low Latency, <.1% Packet loss, <1% Jitter, and <10ms RTT Guaranteed
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Monitored 24/7 and supported proactively

Dedicated Internet Cons:

  • Circuits are more expensive
  • Longer installs 30-45 days

When considering Broadband or Dedicated Internet, we evaluate how many employees, speed requirements, budget, and what is available for your location. Because business relies heavily on the Internet, it is also wise to have a backup circuit with two diverse carriers. You can combine dedicated and broadband, or have two broadband circuits. If you have an SDWAN service, you can utilize both circuits, and if there is an outage, the SDWAN will seamlessly fail you over to the surviving circuit with no impact. 4G can also work as a solid backup connection.

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