California Telecom presents: TeamsLink for Microsoft Teams

  • The Next Evolution of Business Telephony
    You’re here because you’re interested in using the Microsoft Teams platform for making VoIP calls. We’re here to help! We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the benefits and maximize the collaboration that Microsoft Teams provides.

  • Engineering Is In Our Blood
    Our team of network engineers integrated our fully featured Hosted PBX with Microsoft Teams. We spent hundreds of man-hours so that you do not have reinvent the wheel. We took all the guesswork out so you can focus on your business.

  • All Features Are Included:

    Hosted PBX + TeamsLink – $19.95/user/month

Take your usage of Microsoft Teams to the next level with TeamsLink

This is the start of a beautiful partnership

Here at California Telecom, we offer powerful and feature rich solutions for your company.

What you get is an elite support experience, more security, optimized connectivity, and management that works for you and your team.

The bottom line is we help you reduce costs while improving user experience and efficiency. Let’s get to work!

All Features Are Included

You’re sacrificing nothing by using our integration with Teams. You get all of the advanced Hosted PBX functionality that your would expect:

  • Auto-Attendant
  • MOH (Music On Hold)
  • Hunt Groups and more…

Quality is The Name of The Game

Clear HD audio and the ability to transfer calls between your desk handset and Teams and even taking calls on your mobile phone through the Teams app. It’s highly functional and flexible.

Unified UI

This part is big. We keep all the advanced features of your PBX within the Teams application UI. No juggling different windows or remembering which program had which feature, it’s all managed and controlled within the Teams app.

Unlimited Calling… “All-You-Can-Eat” Minutes

It’s true. With TeamsLink, we allow unlimited domestic calling. We’ve taken the time to read through the fineprint of all of our competitors. There’s usually a cap on minutes. Not here!

Highest Uptime in The Industry

99.999% uptime. We hold the highest standard of uptime in the industry, the coveted five 9s. Stable and Reliable.

Pricing That Just Makes Sense

 $19.95/user/month  You get a fully managed Hosted PBX platform and we integrate it directly into your Microsoft Teams.


To enable your Microsoft Teams platform to work with our Hosted PBX, your org must have either:

Microsoft 365 E3 + Microsoft Teams Shared Devices ($8/month add on)


Microsoft 365 E5

Once either of these options have been implemented by your org, we can begin work on your system!

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