FaxFlow from California Telecom

  • A Bespoke and Simplified Fax Solution
    A Fax solution that just works. We use our own data center to make sure that every fax you send arrives with pathways that we’ve tested end-to-end.

  • Elite Support
    Since we designed this solution from the ground up, we can support it completely and we help manage it for you. Just call us for help at any time.
  • 100% Deliverability
    Our proven 3 step onboarding process is guaranteed to ensure FaxFlow is 100% consistent 100% of the time.

FaxFlow Solves All Your Faxing Headaches

Just The “Fax”

Here at California Telecom, we offer powerful and feature rich solutions for your company.

What you get is a consistent faxing experience, end-to-end security, and simplified management.

The bottom line is we help you reduce costs while giving you a worry-free faxing experience. It just works!

Data Center Hosted

All faxes are sent through our high speed, low latency datacenter with next hop connectivity to the PSTN. This means high speed faxes with low fax failure rates.

Consistent T.38 Quality

We’ve cracked the code on the way to make the entire fax stream T.38 from start to finish. This is why so many other T.38 connections fail and ours never does.

Need a Fax Server? We’ve got it.

We have connected Fax Server solutions that work beautifully with our environment. If you want to do all your faxes in the cloud, we have the right solutions for your team.

No One Does It Better

Don’t waste time on incredibly expensive and complicated faxing solutions. We keep our prices simplified and low, while providing the T.38 experience that you’ve been hoping for.


Our Pricing is based on concurrent call sessions:

$35/Concurrent Call Session


$0.03/minute inbound or outbound

Other Fax Solutions

We have other fax solutions that fit your needs!

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