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    Our SD-WAN platform provides high performance connectivity with lower price per Mbps than our competitors.
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SD-WAN features

Powerful and Feature Rich Solutions

Here at California Telecom, we offer powerful and feature rich solutions for your company.

What you get is a better application experience, more security, optimized connectivity, and simplified management.

The bottom line is we help you reduce costs while improving user experience and efficiency. Schedule a free consultation today.

Bandwidth Aggregation

Use all of your available internet circuits.

Quality of Service

Application based prioritization to protect critical apps and VOIP

Automated Failover

Seamless circuit failover and redundancy.

Site to Site Connectivity

Replace legacy MPLS connectivity with secure tunnel overlays

Floating IP

Static floating IP address over any connection.

Network Visibility

Gain insight into your overall network health at a glance.

Application Visibility

Understand your historical application usage per site.

Next Generation Firewall

Layer 7 Application based firewall control and routing.

SD-WAN Analytics

Extensive network reporting and analytics.

Traffic Steering

Steer traffic over any connection based on application or protocol.

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