Protect Your Profits With Continuous Failover Internet


Recently, businesses are keen to benefit from the number of advantages of a virtualized and cloud-based enterprise service that requires a persistent internet connection. Wired connections often fail to deliver 100% uptime. Therefore, the major concern is not about the loss of connectivity to the internet but how to secure your business from the loss and disruption when it happens. When your cable or DSL internet connection faces a service outage, it could hamper your business productivity, customer experience, and overall revenue. California Telecom aims to solve this problem of lost internet connectivity with its conveniently deployable and low-cost 4G internet failover solution.
Our 4G internet failover solution automatically provides the non-stop internet access through internet failover device in the incidence of failover internet connections where you need to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively when your wired line goes down for any reason. There are many reasons why your internet connection could fail;




if your internet stops working,

Will you miss money?


California Telecom offers 4G internet failover solutions by automatically solving the problem of failover internet connections with a quick and easily deployable, low-cost internet failover device. Now businesses can maximize their internet availability by bridging the inevitable gap with a failover internet connection. Our 4G internet failover solution automatically detects a failed internet connection and provides 4G network connectivity through our device to avoid service interruptions.
Our 4G internet failover solution is geared for small and medium business who rely on the internet for credit card processing, email, Google Docs, iCloud, Office 365, or any other business that lose money when their internet fails to connect.
Our internet failover device comes pre-configured and ready to plug in with your existing modem and router. No need to replace the equipment you are already using — just plug and go! The 4G Internet failover is a single bundled solution, so you don’t need to purchase anything else. Our internet failover solution includes everything you need, including a configured 4G internet failover device, data plan, managed services, and monthly economic cost.